Mexico is a popular medical tourism destination for Americans and Canadians. This blog offers advice and resources for those looking to head to Mexico for medical procedures.


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi. My name is K. Eckland, and I am a nurse practitioner and medical writer (see http://www.cirugiadetorax.org / http://www.cartagenasurgery.wordpress.com / http://www.bogotasurgery.org ). I have recently interviewed several surgeons in Mexico. Perhaps we can work together in the future. You can contact me at k.eckland@gmail.com

  2. Same here… we love helping people get the most out of their money, with affordable high quality health care in Mexico. We have a small but very efficient network of some of Mexico´s Top Specialists in several specialities like Infertility with Dr.Efrain Perez Peña, Cosmetic Surgery with Dr. Roberto Manzano and Plastic, Dental and Orthopedic in Guadalajara at Terranova hospital and more.. We are at your services to answer all your questions… http://www.qualitycaremexico.com …. Nora@qualitycaremexico.com =) Great articles!

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