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Millions of medical tourists flock to Mexico every year to avail cheap, yet world class health facilities. From skin cancer treatment in Mexico to alternative cancer cures, the Mexican cancer centers offer treatments that are a boon for patients who are uninsured and cannot afford the costly self-paid treatments in their own countries.
However, there are a few things to do before one embarks on a journey for cancer treatment in Mexico:

  • Make sure your physician back home is informed of your decision to avail treatment for cancer in Mexico. You may need her or his assistance when you reach back home.
  • Thoroughly check the credentials of the cancer clinics in Mexico before you undertake the journey. Ask them to send you the necessary documents and testimonials via the net.
  • Make sure you check the references of the cancer doctors in Mexico you wish to consult.
  • Certain cities in Mexico have reported sporadic incidents of violence. Exercise caution and avoid traveling alone in Mexico.
  • Many cancer clinics in Mexico offer alternative cures for cancer that are unproven and unauthorized. Consult people who have undergone such treatments before you decide to try out an alternative cure for cancer at your own discretion.