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Since the sixties, we have been learning more and more that we have control over our health. Thousands of studies confirm other studies.  Even a fascinating new one proving once again, “Be Happy, Don’t Worry.”  — even if you don’t want to, do it for your own good.

Wayne State University researchers studied the smiles or lack of them from 230 photos of baseball players before the 1950s.  Those with no smile lived to an average of 73 years, partial smile, 75 and full smile to 80.  A not so scientific study, but it’s believable because it’s just so consistent with most all health studies over the years.

A Duke University study of 255 doctors found that 14% of the physicians rated most hostile in the study had died 25 years later compared with only 2% in the least hostile group.  Yes, you should be active–walk fast or run or some other exercise for 30 minutes a day, but if you claim you don’t have time for that, a Mayo Clinic study shows even 10 minutes a day cuts your risk of a heart attack in virtually half, 47%.

University of California, Davis, cardiologist Amparo Villablanca says we should think of mud when we put processed foods in our bodies.  “Get people to think of their bodies as finely tuned machines,” she encourages.  Get rid of the calorie-dense salty, sugary foods, and eat 8 or 9 unprocessed fruits and vegetables a day.  One international study has just shown that 90% of the risk of a heart attack is in a person’s control through physical activity, smoking cessation, diet, and don’t forget good thoughts.

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