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A number of important benefits come from taking a yoga holiday. While the yoga retreat not only gives you a much needed break from the monotonous routine of daily life, it can also present you with the opportunity to explore a location that is completely exotic and different.

An increasing number of retreats specifically dedicated to the purpose of yoga are now opening around the world, including beautiful Mexico. The El Neem yoga retreat in lovely Oaxaca, Mexico is just one such example. These retreats are designed to provide superior instruction in beginner to advanced yoga techniques while helping guests to feel completely rejuvenated.

Overall, a yoga retreat or retiro can provide innumerable benefits that can help to correct metabolic disorders as well as assist you in overcoming stress and even disorders of the mind that might previously have been out of your control. While modern medicine has come a long way in terms of technical advances, research has found that yoga can go a long way to improving a variety of health conditions that might actually originate in the mind.

Here are a few dates to mark on your calender for a Luxorious Yoga & Surf Experience at Three Jewels Retreats in Mexico: February 29 – March 4th & April 18 – 22nd, 2012

Another special Yoga retreat to look into which is one of the ancient historic areas in Mexico located in the heart of the Mayan jungle is Akal ki, March 17th – 24th, 2012, just 220 miles south of Cancun.