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It was a heart-stopping moment for two Mexican Medics when they dropped a human heart being ferried to a hospital for a transplant. The heart was being transplanted by a police helicopter to a hospital in Mexico City on Wednesday January 12th to a 28-year-old hair stylist, Erika Hernández. However, the patient doesn’t know the story behind her transplant.

The Police described the transport as  “rapid precision maneuver” after being flown from León, in the state of Guanajuato. One of the medics tripped dropping the heart to the concrete which was plastic-wrapped and stored in a cooler along with a bag of saline and ice.

Recovering their composure, the medics picked up the bag containing the heart, which came from a man who got killed in a car accident, replaced it in the cooler and rushed onwards to the La Raza hospital. After almost four hours of surgery, hospital officials reported that the operation had been successful and “without incident”.

A spokesman from Mexico’s health secretariat said of the incident: “Fortunately, the heart was protected and not damaged.” He explained that the heart was protected in a waterproof steel container, which meant it was never exposed to the outside environment.