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By traveling to Mexico for affordable treatment, you will certainly find the ability of the doctors equal to those “north of the border.” But the real difference comes in with the quality of the service. So what are some of the service attributes that often set Mexican hospitals apart?  Many former medical tourists have reported — when going into a doctor’s office in Mexico, you are not just a number; you are treated with love and care. You are treated like there is no one else waiting. There responsiveness is on point and they listen to everything you have to say. They even make house calls!

There are basically two primary health care coverage systems in Mexico and both are available to foreigners living in Mexico, under any immigration status except an FMT (Tourist Visa).

  • You can elect to use ‘Private Insurance Coverage‘ (this could be national or international private insurance)
  • Or join the National Government Program – ‘IMSS, Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social’