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The Mexican government hopes to provide a solution for Americans in search of affordable healthcare, suggesting that they travel to Mexico instead of settling for lesser care or shelling out the higher costs for U.S. treatment.

Now, President Felipe Calderon promotes  a pilot program to extend Medicare benefits to American expatriates living in Mexico. Baja California is acting on the trend of American retirees traveling to Mexico, building new hospitals and improving health standards in current facilities, says Baja’s Secretary of Tourism Oscar Escobedo.

Escobedo talked about Baja’s new healthcare initiatives at an April conference, attended by almost 200 health care providers, government officials, real estate agents and representatives of U.S. retiree organizations in Mexico. “This represents an opportunity to put Mexico as a front-runner in medical tourism,” Escobedo told the audience, noting a potential annual income of $350 million by 2015.