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On Wednesday, about a dozen Chicago health professionals and several others embarked on a health care tour of Mexico City, part of a campaign to raise that city’s profile as a center for medical tourism. The campaign is aimed at residents in Chicago and other cities with large Mexican immigrant populations who need cancer treatment, heart surgeries, dental procedures and other health care.

Taking the tour in Mexico City this week is Dr. Tariq Butt, a family practice physician who said a number of patients treated at clinics operated by Access Community Health Network are traveling to Mexico for some of their medical care. Going outside the U.S.for health care is not without risks. “In some cases, it’s a higher standard of care.”

During the Mexico City tour, potential patients and health care providers will be guided through hospitals owned by the nation’s two largest private hospital networks, Hospital Angeles and Medica Sur, which have Holiday Inns adjacent to their campuses, Garcia said.