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Technology seems to be changing the game of every industry these days including the medical industry. In a blog on Wellsphere, The Medical Traveler writes about this new trend.

Companies like Zweena Health are now offering electronic health record retrieval services. Whether a person has moved, changed doctors, or simply wants a second opinion, this service makes it easier for people to shop around for medical care.

This year’s focus of South by Southwest Conference 2011 was medical tourism. This conference attracts over 25,000 people from 50 countries each year. More than 38 teams competed be “the next Facebook” and build a prototype and website for a new business venture.  This year’s winner was TripMedi, a medical travel business. This is a testament to how the medical travel business has grown from a mom and pop show to a large, regulated practice.

Other excellent medical travel businesses include Health Travel Technologies, Angeles Health International, World MedAssist, Global Medical Conexions, Companion Global Health, and MexicaliHealthCare.