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Medical TourismMany sources recommend using a medical tourism agency to find the best and safest hospital when traveling abroad for medical attention. But sometimes finding the right medical tourism agency can be just as hard as finding the right hospital.

The International Medical Travel Journal published a report on November 14, 2011 showcasing MedToGo International, a medical tourism agency that strives provide quality, safe medical tourism options for poorly or uninsured Americans and Canadians.

MedToGo International is based in Tempe, Arizona and works to coordinate all details of the trip and ensures that they are sending patients to the best doctors in Mexico. Founder Dr. Robert H. Page has even accompanied patients on trips for quality checks. They company mainly focuses on finding doctors who specialize in orthopedic, cosmetic, obesity, gynecological, and cardiovascular surgery.

The company originally began as a research firm to help tourist in need of emergency medical attention while traveling has gradually grown to a full service medical tourism agency. Most agencies do have have a lot of medical background or are travel agents that have branched out. MedToGo claims to be the only medical tourism agency run and owned by doctors who also run their own practice in the United States.

The company also promised it can reduce non-emergency surgeries by 50% to 85% less than the cost in the United States while still maintaining excellent quality. It requires all doctors and hospitals to be pre-screened before recommended to a client.  All recommended doctors speak fluent English and have completed their post-graduate education in the United States, Canada, or Europe.