U.S. Ambassador to Mexico Anthony Wayne and Secretary of Health Salomón Chertorivski Woldenberg met with each other to discuss issues relating to the health of their respective countries. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Mexican Government hope to work together to ensure developments in the health sector of both populations. U.S. Ambassador to Mexico Anthony Wayne stated, “We decided to set up this meeting to being talks with the SSA (Federal Health Secretariat) on several critical matters that concern the health sector. The air of it all is to coordinate and create projects that are beneficial to Mexico and the U.S.” He also stated, “U.S. officials already have a high level of engagement with their Mexican counterparts for engaging in epidemiological research and coordinating for outbreaks of influenza or other diseases; and in the near future an epidemiologist from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) will be joining the embassy to engage with SALUD on a number of critical studies and coordination projects. Our shared border and susceptibility to a range of infectious diseases underscores the importance of this continued cooperation.”

Because they share a border, the two countries often face similar health issues, including cancer, diabetes and obesity. Cooperation between Mexico and the U.S. may help in establishing a heightened sense of disease control along the border. They will also work together to address other issues including the prevention and control of HIV/AIDS, the use and establishment of safe medical equipment and pharmaceutical products, and the creation of new medical programs dedicated to the health and safety of those on both sides of the border.

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