The Health Blog recently posted a list of tip to remember when you are going abroad for medical travel.

1. Do your research

It is important to remember to do research on all aspects of your trip.  This includes the procedure  the hospital, the surgeon, and the country. It is importan to make sure hospital has been accredited and is staffed with doctors who are trained to help you with your specific needs.  Even if you are going to a safe hospital, it also important to understand the procedure and the risks. It is important to be prepare no matter where in the world you receive medical treatment. Finally, while cost is important, it is also important to make sure the country you are visiting is safe.

2. Keep your local doctor informed.

You may need records from your local doctor or need to schedule follow up visits after the major procedure is performed abroad.

3. Organize your documents.

You will need many documents for easy traveling.  Before leaving home, make sure you have your medical records (x-rays, MRI’s, medical history, any necessary photographs, immunization records, current prescriptions, etc.), passort, and credit cards and foreign cash.

4. Keep contact information handy.

Traveling to a foreign country, especially a country with a language barrier, can be very intimidating. Make sure you have all appropriate contact information. This includes emergency (local 911, family, friends), destination embassy, hospital, hotel, doctor, and employer.

5. Be prepared to stay longer/shorter than expected.

Sometimes surgery and medical procedures go better than planned. Sometimes there are complications. Make sure you have enough time and money stay longer than planned if something goes wrong.

6. Work with a medical tourism company.

It’s not easy to anticipate all the problems yourself. Some information on the internet may also be miss leading. Leave this to the professionals. Companies like Healthbase can help you find the right hospital and doctor for your specific needs.