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Looking for a new dentist? Finding a good dentist in your own hometown can be daunting enough but what happens when you are looking for a dentist in a foreign country? Medical tourism is not just for major surgery.  Due to high costs of dental care and poor dental insurance policies, many Americans are seeking care in Mexico.

Hundreds of Mexican dental clinics can be found in one city alone so finding the right one can be overwhelming. Dayo Dental is a US based company that helps Americans and Canadians find safe and highly trained professionals across the border. The company has pre-screen all recommended dentists and helps clients find the right clinic based on specific needs.  All of the recommended clinics are routinely investigated to ensure a clean and safe experience. Many dentists not only have degrees but continually visit the United States for training sessions and to earn updated certificates. Dental tourism can save travelers between 40% and 70% but Dayo Dental knows the money saved is only worth if the experience is of the finest quality.

Dental Tourism