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Hacienda Chichen Resort is Mexico’s top green spa wellness destination.  This eco-friendly resort is located in the ancient Mayan city of Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico and features beautiful Mayan architecture. The spa not only focuses on great service but also protecting Yucatan’s native plants and animals.  They work to protect Yucatan’s historical legacy and Mayan culture.

Hacienda Chichen ResortTourists flock to the Hacienda Chichen Resort every year to experience a spa treatment like no other. While enjoying the spa’s many great amenities, tourist also enjoy the beautiful wildlife and rich local culture. The spa dedicated over 10,000 meters land in 2007 to be the sacred grounds for Kuch Kaab Yeetel J-Men Maaya’ob A.C, a non-profit Mayan organization. The organization works to preserve Mayan traditions and cultural legacy.

The spa also welcomes tourists to enjoy the wild honey and local organic fruits and vegetables.  Many of the food options at the spa are local recipes inspired by the ancient Mayans. Water from laundry and showers is throughly filtered and then used to water the gardens. Spa staff also works to perserve the natural habitats of local wildlife to ensure the land is beautiful for generations of tourists to come.

Please visit the Yucatan Adventure Eco-Cultural Travel Guide to learn more about spa tourism and the sustainability efforts of Hacienda Chichen Resort.

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