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As an increasing number of Americans go without health insurance — now greater than 59 million — there is a clear need for affordable healthcare alternatives for American’s that require minor and major surgery. In this area Mexico has the opportunity to provide a positive impact, and acts as a tremendous asset for Americans that cannot afford U.S. treatment. As traveling below the border increases in ease and affordability, state-of-the-art facilities, current technology, U.S. trained doctors and surgeons and low wait times, Mexico has quickly become a leader in the industry of medical travel

Deloitte Consulting projected that medical tourism from the U.S. could jump by a factor of ten over the next ten years. This could mean billions of dollars in lost revenue for U.S. providers and an inverse amount of growth for countries such as Mexico.

At the forefront of this medical tourism boom is a company I’ve mentioned on this blog in the past, MedToGo International. The founders, Dr. Robert H. Page, Dr. Curtis Page and Robert Page Jr. really got their start when they published their book, Mexico: Health and Safety Travel Guide. They spent two years in 50 Mexican cities researching doctors and hospitals suitable for tourists. In doing so, they came up with the ultimate guide for any tourist looking for an English-speaking doctor with excellent credentials throughout Mexico. For all those looking for a great resource when seeking out and researching physicians and hospitals in Mexico, make sure to check out this book from MedToGo and the Page family!