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While medical tourism refers to travel with the specific intention of seeking medical care, there are also many instances where travelers find themselves in need of treatment they had not foreseen or expected while out of the country. When it comes to family health issues and travel, preparation is everything.

If you have a child with a pre-existing condition such as asthma or diabetes, be sure to pack your rescue and control medicines as well as contact information for your child’s doctor. Remember, in situations involving child healthcare it’s better to be over-prepared, so pack more than you think you’ll need. 

There’s also the possibility of your child that does not have a pre-existing condition experiencing some health issues while abroad. Many international destinations have highly qualified physicians that can help get your child back in health before heading home. Before you arrive at your destination, look at health clinics online. See which have a focus on pediatrics, what hours they operate, and what payment options look like. Many parents opt to travel to countries such as Mexico, India and Israel as well as to regions like Asia and South America for patient-elected care.