Entrepreneur Warren Kaminsky has picked up on the growing trend of medical tourism. He recently started up his own business, Health Travel Tours, which plans vacations around medical appointments in foreign countries. Kaminsky realized the growing need for a medical trip planner when he needed to have two colonoscopy procedures in a two-year span. Often times medical and dental procedures in South and Central America end up being a fraction of the price from what they would cost in the US. With all the money you save from medical expenses Kaminsky says, “Why not let your vacation pay for itself?”

Kaminsky plans a trip, which includes plane tickets, hospital visits, liaisons, transfers, hotels and whatever else a traveler might desire to do. He says he is connected with doctors and hospitals that are accredited by the Joint Commission International, meaning they provide the same level of care as hospitals in the US.  Client Jane Foerster travelled to Costa Rica for a routine medical procedure and says, “They have state-of-the-art equipment and medical doctors, many of whom have studied in the United States. It’s definitely high-quality medical care.” Over the last five years, Kaminsky has arranged health-travel accommodations for close to 20 people with no advertising or promotional efforts. He says now more than ever his business is in a great position to skyrocket.