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To conclude our posts on cataract surgery — which is becoming an increasing pull to medical tourists — in Mexico, check out these helpful tips for planning for your procedure and travel south of the border:

• If you’re an American citizen, you are advised to register to the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program. This ensures that the United States government can assist you in cases of emergency.
• Entry and exit requirements for the country could be found on the official web site of the Embassy of Mexico. Passports are one of the usual requirements.
• If you’re an American traveling by air beyond the US-Mexico border zone, you are required to acquire a Visa or a tourist card also known as FMM from the consulates of Mexico.
• If you plan to cross the Mexico border by land, you must get a temporary import permit for your vehicle.
• While millions of US Citizens successfully visit Mexico every year, you are advised by the United States government to be alert at all times, especially within the border regions as crime and violence persist within the country.