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Ophthalmology — which is the branch of medicine that deals with the anatomy, physiology and diseases of the eye — has been one of the main drivers for medical tourism in Mexico for several years now. Patients frequently travel south of the border in search of affordable  treatment for vision problems, prescription glasses or contacts, as well as for various forms of eye ailments and disease. Today I want to spotlight some facilities that are known for ophthalmology in Mexico:

  • Santa Cruz Clinic, Nogales, Mexico: An ophthalmologist and surgeon offering eye disease diagnoses, treatments, and surgeries, as well as services of an optical shop.
  • Méndez Lasik Institute, Tijuana, Mexico: Founded in 1965, this international leader in refractive surgery, cataracts and intra-ocular contact lenses. They are considered to be some of the best specialists for any illness in ophthalmology.
  • Hospital Angeles, Tijuana, Mexico: This complete facility specifically caters to medical tourists, and is lauded as one of the best hospitals in Mexico (and is also a part of the largest private hospital network in the country.)
  • Hospital CIMA Monterrey: This JCI accredited facility is an acute-care hospital that was originally a women’s specialty hospital.