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Here’s an interesting piece from Mexico Today which discusses the continued rise of general tourism to Mexico. It’s interesting to consider these numbers with relation to the medical tourism industry, and what percentage of this increase is comprised of those traveling to Mexico for affordable procedures and treatment. Take a look!

International tourism to Mexico has continued to rise steadily in the first five months of 2011. Tourism has increased 2.1 percent in this period compared to 2010. On the top of the list of most popular vacation destinations for Americans, Mexico is still “numero uno”. According to the Commerce Department for 2009, 31 percent of all American tourists travel to Mexico for their vacations. Ricardo Anaya told CNN, “The data doesn’t lie…tourists keep choosing Mexico.” Even though Americans are traveling less internationally, higher percentages are choosing to travel to Mexico. Additionally, according to a survey by Mexican tourism authorities, almost all individuals who visit Mexico say they would come back and recommend it to others. … Read More