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In the last post I discussed Hospital Angeles in Tijuana, as its Regenerative Medicine Institute has been named the first of five Stem Cell Centers of Excellence in Latin America. The purpose of these centers is in providing and improving autologous adult stem cell (A-ASC) therapy procedures to patients. I wanted to discuss a bit further what exactly stem cell therapy means for the world of medical tourism, and how it represents the potential for huge industry growth. What impact will easy availability of such treatments at state-of-the-art hospitals outside of the U.S. have on the medical tourism industry?

Health Travel Guides expounded on this significance, saying that making cell therapies available globally to patients suffering from cardiovascular disease is a great advancement for medicine. Patients can now travel easily to countries such as Mexico to receive the most advanced stem cell treatment in the world at facilities such as Hospital Angeles. Furthermore, many companies are beginning to include such international options in employee health insurance programs, such as Global Medical Conexions and Blue Cross Blue Shield of California’s Companion Global Health Care.

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