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Kristin Eckland, who worked as a nurse practitioner in cardiothoracic surgery before moving to South America, decided to put her knowledge to good use after having several patients ask her about surgery in other countries. Her first book,  Bogotá! A Hidden Gem Guide to Surgical Tourism, is a detailed guide to medical practitioners and facilities in Bogotá, Columbia. While the book does feature a specific destination, it is also full of useful information for medical tourists in general, including those interested in medical travel to Mexico or other destinations. 

“If someone is going to drive 200 miles for a surgery that costs $18,000 here, but find they can get the same procedure done somewhere else cheaper and ride the same amount of time, they may just want to fly somewhere else.” exclaims Eckland

She decided to put her energy into writing a book after realizing the lack of quality control that can frequently be a hurdle to the world of legitimate medical travel. Read more on her story, as well as where you can find her book.