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Kolkata city — formerly known as Calcutta — is the capital of the Indian state of West Bangal, and is making quite the name for itself as a medical tourism destination. This emergence as a medical travel leader is largely due to world class facilities available to international patients at extremely affordable prices.

Some of these hospitals in particular have seen a recent surge in international patients coming from abroad for treatment. Rupali Basu is the CEO of the Apollo group of hospitals, and he spoke on the positive changes in such facilities and treatment:

“We have treated 300,000 patients last year only in the country. Of which 50 percent of that is for the elective super speciality tertiary care patients. And 50 percent of that, about 70,000 patients have been treated in our Apollo group of hospitals there are 54 of which in the country. This industry and part of the private medical health care centre is growing by 30 percent every year.”

Adding to this excitement, these facilities are receiving significant positive reviews from international patients, praising the hospitals for their level of quality and sophistication, available at such an affordable cost.