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I’ve provided information on the benefits of medical travel many times in previous posts, however, the deluge of information on the topic can continue to be overwhelming and sometimes a bit intimidating. Here is a list of offerings that I found helpful, which break down some of the primary motivators for participation:

1. Savings: Compare prices while doing your research. In general you are able to save 50% to 90%.

2. Quality: Many international providers are accredited by JCI, JCAHO and ISO or by local accrediting organizations. They have world-class facilities, access to the latest technology and provide personalized service. If in doubt, read testimonials by patients who have experienced such treatment.

3. Surgeon Expertise: Most surgeons catering to international patients have either been educated or have received professional training at top schools in the US, UK or in other countries in Europe.

4. No Wait-Lists: Access to immediate service is what attracts those from countries that have public health care system towards medical tourism.

5. Longer Hospital Stay: You can have a longer hospital stay than possible in your local hospital back home under the supervision of your surgeon and physical therapist.

6. Travel Opportunities: While the primary motivation for most customers is affordable surgery, the opportunity to visit exotic destinations is an additional draw for some.