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If you are confused as to exactly what makes a facility a high-volume focus hospital, there are several questions that you can ask to ascertain whether a hospital meets this label. Use the following list, provided by Scott Frankum, as a guideline to help define what makes a hospital a HVFH.

  • Is the value-innovated price approximately half of the previous, localized value equation?
  • Does the hospital deliver top-tier medical outcomes?
  • Do patients prefer the value innovated experience to that of a comparable procedure in a competitor’s general hospital?
  • Does the procedure take place in a purpose-built facility?
  • Does the hospital perform at least twice the number of surgeries as general hospitals that specialize in comparable surgeries?
  • Does the hospital get significant financial benefits and happy side-effects (like lower marketing costs, patient-to-patient counseling or higher profitability) as a result of the steps the hospital takes to focus on volume, quality and customer experience?
  • Are there significant customer benefits and positive side-effects as a result of the steps the hospital takes to focus on volume and quality?
  • Is there a lean point-of-view in the hospital’s culture?