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In Mexico, as in many countries, private sector health care is generally preferred. Furthermore, up to 25 percent of patients with Social Security benefits or no coverage at all prefer to pay out of pocket for private care. Since Mexico’s health care system is significantly more affordable than that of the U.S., this is still an affordable option for many. As mentioned earlier, cost for medical treatment is generally around one third that of an equivalent U.S. procedure. Despite what many in North America would consider affordable pricing, a relatively small number of Mexicans have private insurance, although the sector is growing.

Private hospitals in Monterrey, Mexico City and Tijuana are considered some of the most advanced tertiary care– meaning advanced care which includes cardiovascular, neurological, orthopedic, hemodialysis, organ transplant and so forth — centers in the world. Doctors at such facilites are heralded for excellent medical training within Mexico, and many are trained abroad in Europe or North America.

The caveat to be mindful of regarding private sector care is that most private hospitals do not accept foreign health insurance, therefor payments must be made in cash or credit prior to treatment.

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