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Today I want to focus several blog posts on the system of health care in Mexico, specifically as it relates to international patients. Visit the blog throughout the day as I discuss various components, and leave a comment if there are specific points of interest that you would like to see addressed!

Mexico has three parallel, yet unequal systems of health care. First, there are six government-run social security institutions that provide care for about 50 million Mexican citizens that are gainfully employed. The uninsured — amounting to about 40 million — receive limited health benefits from Mexico’s Ministry of Health. Finally, about 3 million Mexicans make up the private sector of health care. This is comprised of individuals who receive health coverage from private insurance carriers. The private sector operates entirely on a free-market basis, meaning whoever can afford it.

For the sake of relevance, I will limit todays posts and discussions to the two health care sectors that are accessible to international patients and expatriates living in Mexico.

Source: MedToGo