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When discussing medical tourism on a basic level, people generally consider it in terms of travel for elective or otherwise large scale procedures, and frequently forget how multi-faceted the industry really is. One segment of medical tourism that receives little consideration is that of sports health tourism.

Although people don’t generally consider athletes medical travelers, they have been traveling for health care purposes for some time, as it is not infrequent for athletes to cross into other countries to receive care that is superior to that in their own country. Because an athlete’s physical state is pivotal to his livelihood, athletes are often willing to travel thousands of miles merely for a second opinion or diagnosis, in order to ensure full recovery. 

In addition to athletes traveling specifically for health care purposes, we can arguably classify athletes who are injured during travel and receive medical attention to be medical tourists as well (this stems back to the argument of whether or not individuals that receive reactive care while traveling should be included in medical travel statistics.)

Needless to say, the field of sports injury is extremely advanced, as there are clinics that solely adress such issues, and specialize in the treatment of athletes. Here are a few leading centers for such treatment:

The Mayo Clinic, MN, USA
The Mayo, located clinic has one of the most advanced sports medicine centers in the world. Hundreds of athletes from around the country and the world come in to be treated in this medical facility. One common treatment that athletes come in for is the famous “Tommy John Surgery” to repair the arm after an injury mainly suffered by baseball pitchers and handball players.

The Sports Medicine Center, Meir Hospital, Israel
This sports medical center has been chosen as the official medical sponsor of the Israeli Olympic team. Because of its rich experience in treating athletes, combined with state-of-the-art equipment, this sports medical center is known as the leading center in the field in the entire area.

The ZOSU, Germany
This German medical center specializes in orthopedics, sports medicine and trauma surgery, as well as the rehabilitation process. Spread over three locations, the ZOSU treats athletes coming in from countries around Germany to be treated in their facilities.

Source: TicketMed