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More from Temos — they provided this helpful list of preparations to make sure to factor in before travel. This checklist is helpful because it extends past just those traveling specifically for medical care. Whether you do happen to be journeying for a procedure, or whether you are going on a family vacation, Temos urges individuals to take a few moments to think about your health before you set out.

Are you in good health right now?
An aching tooth can possibly wait over the weekend before it needs medical attention, but it can certainly ruin even the shortest trip. If you are in doubt about your current state of health, it maybe advisable to see your doctor before you travel.

Are you fit enough?
Even if you plan a holiday with a low level of activity, a different climate, high altitude or unfamiliar food will put an additional strain on you – physically and psychologically.
Especially if you plan a trip with a high level of activity, prepare yourself thoroughly before you go.

Get information about your travel destination:
What is the climate like? Will you need vaccinations? What are the most common health risks? Is tap water safe to drink? Will the medication you need be available at your destination? A good guide book will already answer many of your questions.

Start your preparations early:
Especially if you need to get a vaccination or if malaria prophylaxis is recommended, it may be necessary to start your preparations several weeks before you leave.

Talk to your general practitioner:
This may not be necessary before your next weekend trip, but if you are heading to a country with an unfamiliar climate or a less developed infrastructure, make an appointment with your doctor or a physician who specialises in travel medicine. Tell him or her where exactly you are going and when, how you are traveling.

Check out your health insurance:
Your health insurance at home usually does not (or at least not fully) cover the cost of treatments and medication abroad.

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