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In an opinion column printed in the International Medical Travel Journal, Dr Constantine Constantinides from HealthCare Cybernetics provides advice to potential medical tourism entrepreneurs about entering and understanding the medical tourism market.  This information proves helpful not only to those considering investing or becoming involved in the backend of the industry, but also those researching a potential trip for medical tourism — as it is helpful to be as well-versed on the industry as possible.

In the article, Constantinides describes “Health Tourism” as the “catch all term” for Services in the 8 Health-related Tourism Segments, which he lists as follows:

  • Medical Tourism
  • Dental Tourism
  • Spa Tourism
  • Wellness Tourism
  • Sports Tourism
  • Culinary Tourism
  • Accessible Tourism
  • Assisted Residential Tourism
Read more about what Dr. Constantinides has to say about these segments, as well as the medical tourism industry as a whole.