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HUGE news for the world of medicine. An Icelandic man has recieved the world’s first totally artificial trachea transplant. Doctors, scientists and researchers hope to use this technology to do more with regenerative science.

This marks the first transplant of an artificial organ known to man. The 36-year-old Icelandic patient received a new trachea, which was made with a scaffold shaped like a windpipe and lined with the man’s own stem cells. The operation took place in Sweden, to a patient that had been suffering from late stage tracheal cancer until the ground-breaking surgery. Even though researchers would like to see how well the results of the operation fare over time.

“This is very amazing news,” Dr. Dao Nguyen, professor and chief of thoracic surgery at the Miami Miller School of medicine said. Even though Nguyen himself had no involvement in the surgery, he said this transplant is nothing short of a breakthrough due to the fact that “it gives physicians and patients renewed hopes for treatment of tumors of the windpipe. Now we can make a windpipe at will.”

Scientists have been hard at work attempting to utilize stem cells for regenerating organs for many years now, according to Nguyen. This procedure opens up many doors of opportunity in the field of regenerative medicine. Researchers said they could very well utilize this technique in the creation of other organs in the future.

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