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Planning a trip for a medical procedure? Have kids? We all know that children can add an additional element of stress to the already overwhelming process of out-of-country travel. If you are planning on taking your children on a health care related trip, you’ll find these tips on traveling with kids to be very helpful!

Don’t set too hectic a pace
Small children tire quickly when things become monotonous and need to be able to spend a good deal of time just playing. If you’ve been moving around a lot, stop somewhere nice and give your family a chance to recharge batteries and make friends.

Take proper precautions with your family’s health
If you’re traveling for a medical procedure, you’ll probably be on top of this, but don’t let details slip through the cracks. Take out insurance, plan your vaccinations in good time and find out how to keep your family safe before you go.

Beware the buses
Travel in the developing world often involves appallingly long, uncomfortable bus journeys with speed-freak drivers, doubtful safety standards and aircon that is permanently set to ‘max’. If you can, opt for train, boat, or plane — but if you must bus, keep spare clothes and sick bags on hand!

Keep yourselves sane
Love them as you do, caring for children 24/7 while experiencing the ups and downs of long-term travel can be tiring and stressful — not to mention especially so if you are recovering from a medical procedure. When the opportunity arises, hire childcare for stretches of time.

Educating on the road
You’ll need to give your kids an education, of course. Try to set aside a few hours every weekday for some one-on-one home schooling.

Take a laptop
Apart from its important roles as cinema, games console and Skype hub, a computer can be a vital tool for our home schooling. Access educational resources and conduct research wherever there is Wi-Fi.