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I read an interesting article from Journey Mexico today which discussed a recent trend in international tourism. It referenced two articles (one from the Washington Post, the other from the San Diego Red) in saying that the recent negative and slanted media coverage that Mexico has been getting in the U.S. has in turn caused the industry to lower prices…in consequence offering enticing deals! These deals are quickly being grabbed up by international travelers from outside of the U.S., causing an overall rise in tourism.

This trend is evidenced by the rapid increase in international flights to Mexico. Airlines such as Virgin Atlantic Aeromexico, Air Europa, TAM, and LAN have all taken note and added new flights going in and out of Mexico.

The article goes on to consider, if all these new tourists come to know Mexico as a land of cheap deals, how can the industry ever raise their rates back to normal? As it turns out, pretty easily! According to the Mexican Tourism Board, Mexico boasts a 97% retention rate, meaning that 97 percent of travelers to Mexico say they plan on returning. As tourism continues to increase, Mexico should be able to gradually raise rates to normal as demand rises.

In May of this year, Mexican President Felipe Calderón stated that he wants Mexico to be one of the top five tourism destinations in the world by 2020 (it’s currently 10th.) If we see these international tourism rates continue to increase, it shouldn’t have any trouble doing so!