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Star Medica's Merida Hospital

In a post yesterday, I discussed an article series on conflicting medical tourism statistics, in terms of its numbers as well as main motivators. I mentioned that I would continue to follow this article series, as presented from The Mexico Good Life.


The second article continues the examination of medical tourism by asking several key questions: What types of medical procedures are people traveling here for and why?  Are the facilities top notch?  Is there any one location in Mexico where this phenomenon draws the most tourists or do people travel all over the country for treatment?

The article says that while many immediately think of medical tourists as those that live close to the border in the U.S., driving into Mexico with cost as the main factor, this isn’t accurate. While this does represent a certain population of medical travelers, it does not paint a thorough picture. Industry trackers identify dentistry, plastic surgery, and bariatric (weight loss) surgery as the most popular treatment types, and the appeal is listed as a combination of low cost and quality.

In terms of safety and quality, some of the southeastern most parts of Mexico to the states of Yucatan and Quintana Roo are listed as pulling a significant amount of medical tourists. Specifically, Mérida, Yucatán have been a growing leader in high tech and quality medical treatment.

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