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While every medical tourism experience is going to significantly vary, it’s helpful to have certain standards and means for gauging the medical travel experience. MedRetreat, a major provider of medical tourism services, offers a “6,000 rule” as a rule of thumb in deciding if the cost is worth travel to another country for a medical procedure.

The rule is simple and suggests that if the cost of the procedure is greater than $6,000 at home, it’s probably going to save you money to travel abroad to have it done. On the other hand, if the procedure is going to cost you less than $6,000, it most likely won’t be saving you money to travel after factoring in expenses such as flight, accommodation, etc.

Keep in mind, however, that even if the procedure will cost less than $6000 in the U.S., you may still want to have it done abroad so that you can enjoy what will still be close to a “free trip”.

Obviously there are many factors to be considered aside from cost, but if you are comfortable with travel, and especially if you are planning a trip to a country with excellent medical tourism facilities anyway, you’ll want to think about adding some medical attention to your trip to save cost as well as enjoy the extra care and attention you can expect from facilities that specialize in medical tourism.

Source: MedicalTraveling.net