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As the Philippine government works to provide universal access to healthcare, the country’s hospitals and health care providers have been encouraged to upgrade their standards to that of more developed countries with socialized health care systems. This has become an issue of paramount importance as the Philippines is working to make its name as a medical tourism destination. Hospitals and clinics are working to become internationally accredited to be globally recognized and become more credible providers in the global health care community.

International accreditation is the next step in unifying standards and providing assurance to patients regarding safety and quality of care–main factors for patients and insurance companies alike.

An international accreditation program called NAHB International has been launched by its Philippine representative HealthCORE to address these issues and encourage hospitals, clinics, and other providers to improve the quality of cair in their facilities. 

Former Philippine Senator and DOH Secretary Juan Flavier, who serves as Advisor to HealthCORE, addressed the issue saying “I support NABH-International in its mission of improving healthcare in our country. And I subscribe to the belief that we as Filipinos can achieve world-class standards.”

NABH-I is accredited by the International Society for Quality in Healthcare (ISQua) under its International Accreditation Program. This is one of the few accrediting organizations in the world to achieve this recognition. ISQua is an international body which grants approval to healthcare accreditation programs around the world.