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I’ve mentioned the recent popularity surge of medical tourism facilitators or agencies in previous posts, and how they can potentially be a way to go into the experience with more in-depth information, greater referrals, etc. It is very important, however, to ensure that you’re selecting the right medical tourism facilitator, and not be lured in by companies trying to make a quick buck. This article printed from Medical Tourism Magazine expounds on this issue:

As we all know Medical Tourism is growing exponentially in many countries around the world like India, Thailand, and Mexico. With this growth, Medical Tourism has given way to a new type of professional agency known as  ”Medical Tourism Facilitators”.  Over the last three or four years, thousands of these companies have popped up, most sporting names synonymous with health and travel. They function much like a travel agency, requesting and obtaining passports, booking flights, and arranging a medical tourism patient’s lodging, transportation and tours. The key difference, of course, is that they also serve as the liaison or mediator between the patient and the international hospital and doctor. In effect, it is the facilitator’s job to repackage the medical provider’s service offering, make it more appealing, and then guide you along the medical tourism process.

Sounds great right? Under the right instances the advantage of a one-stop Medical Tourism shopping experience can greatly reduce the headache involved in the planning process. … Read More

via Daniel Benzler, Medical Tourism Magazine