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Medical malpractice is a source of large confusion and contention when considered locally, but is an even more convoluted issue when brought into the larger world of international medicine. The obvious problem begins because medical malpractice laws differ from country to country, and issues for which a doctor may be held liable in the United States may not be causes for liability abroad.

Dr. Prem Jagyasi, a consultant, writer and medical travel expert, discusses this issue on an in-depth level to try to clarify on some points of confusion. He defines medical malpractice as the act of professional “wrong-doing” by a healthcare or medical professional catering to the needs of a patient.

Dr Jagyasi explains in depth the disjointed nature of malpractice laws internationally, and argues for more regulation on cases of malpractice. He states that “the fact that no standards are in place or no regulation body has been created in order to address the very relevant issue of medical malpractice is weakening the industry and all it has to offer.”

If there were more standardized rules for medical malpractice in place, hence minimizing the risk for patients traveling to receive medical care, the industry would be crossing a giant hurdle. Read Dr. Jagyasi’s full article on the nuances of medical malpractice and the medical tourism industry here.