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Mexican President Felipe Calderon recently told the audience of the Global Travel & Tourism Summit that the United states could reduce the costs of Medicare if the government would allow Americans to more easily seek medical care in Mexico.

Calderon explained the win-win nature of the situation; with encouraged medical travel to Mexico, Americans would be able to receive quality health care that would be cheaper for the people as well as the government.

Medical care and services in Mexico have increased dramatically during President Calderon’s term in office.  The government has constructed approximately 1,000 new clinics and hospitals and has renovated about 2,000 others over the past three years.  Calderon said that in 2012 “all Mexican citizens would be covered by some form of government health plan.”

Medical tourism is growing dramatically, and Calderon insisted that Mexico is the place to go to receive safe and affordable care in a great atmosphere.  He also spoke to the safety of the country, pointing out that Mexico, as a country, has a lower homicide rate than Washington, D.C., Pittsburgh, Atlanta, or New Orleans.  He said, “You can count on your fingers the cases related to international tourists.  Actually, the rate of those affected was about zero, or 0.0001 percent.” … Read More.