As mentioned in the last post, the Medical Tourism Association has announced the release of a new iTunes Channel, intended to promote positive awareness about the industry at large.

I spent some time listening to a few podcasts that have been posted, and really found the interviews included to be informative and interesting. I thought that I would briefly go over one of these interviews. The interview is with Elizabeth Boultbee, managing director of Boultbee Healthcare Consultancy, who is also a Medical Tourism Association (MTA) Advisory Board Member. I thought she gave some very insightful knowledge as to the role of medical tourism on an international scope, as well as predictors for how the industry will progress and evolve in the future. View the complete iTunes Preview of MTA interviews which include more podcasts.

When asked about the role of medical tourism, and why it is important, Elizabeth stressed the importance of making individuals aware of their standards, as well as raising them, which benefits people in cities and hospitals that are interested in an international clientele. She also discussed the benefit to such countries’ economies in general, as money goes into the tourism element, consequently continuing to make the world more accessible than ever.

In discussing the future of medical tourism, Boultbee largely expounded on the need for greater regulation. It will become more imperative that hospitals become accredited; as the industry grows, so will the need for caution and discretion. This ties into the benefit of trade associations such as the MTA–they provide a good way to gauge and measure level of service, and also brings the industry under one umbrella, with unified standards and measurements.

Visit MTA’s Podcast Page to listen to the full interview with Elizabeth Boultbee.