One key point that most medical tourism experts and facilitators will stress is the importance of conducting thorough research and factoring in total value, rather than just price, when assessing your options. Obviously price will be a large determining factor, and is the driving reason people decide to travel for medical care, but when comparing costs it is important to do your research and look beyond the obvious expenses involved. Here are some cost considerations that you may not immediately consider:

Related expenses at the hospital — Make sure that you get estimations from the facility at which you plan to receive treatment as to what exactly is included in the cost. Will there be extra fees for amenities such as physical check-ups, food, extra nights, etc?

Transportation — Choosing a country that is close to home is generally going to be less expensive than a further away destination. However, more distant locations will generally be cheaper once you have arrived.

Visa Fees — Do you need a VISA to enter the country, and is there a charge for this?

Convalescence expenses — Consider the length of recovery time post-procedure; how long will you have to stay in the country, and what expenses will you incur over that period that are not included in hospital costs?

Holiday expenses — If you have decided to combine your medical trip with a holiday, make sure to factor in those expenses as well.

Currency — Is the currency stable in the country that you’ve decided upon?

There are more fees and costs that you may not think of immediately that should be considered and compared when choosing a destination; view the full list here.