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I’ve posted a fair amount of content on this blog recently discussing the state of national health care and its impact on the medical tourism industry. Someone recently brought up Michael Moore’s movie “Sicko” to me, in relation to this issue.

In the movie, which was filmed back in 2007, Moore travels to Canada and Cuba in search of affordable health care, and is surprised by the quality of care he receives. He is impressed by the level professionalism, amount of knowledgeable practitioners, and state-of-the-art facilities, without the cost of procedures that we encounter in the U.S.

It’s interesting to consider this movie several years after it was filmed, and after the dialogue has largely increased surrounding medical tourism. What are the ways that the stigma surrounding medical tourism has lifted? In what ways do they persist, and what are some of the legitimate hurdles that still need to be faced in continuing to make the industry safer, more organized, and generally more effective?

Please leave a comment if you have seen the film, or if you have any opinions on the current state of medical travel and its evolution!