Ian Youngman from IMTJ explains how the world of medical tourism is shrinking and how this may actually be good news for the industry. The factors driving this shrinkage offer opportunities to those businesses who really grasp what is going on and want to ensure their long term success in the sector.

I have often accused the medical tourism world of ignoring world events such as natural disasters, wars, political instability, terrorism and drug violence. As one who writes news on insurance, health, finance and medical tourism on a daily basis, a huge amount of information passes through my computer every day. I may have missed it, but I have yet to see a national or international trade association, government body promoting tourism or medical tourism, or international hospital group issue anything on any of these areas that now dominate our television screens daily.

In the past, individual acts of terror, short term localized demonstrations and even natural disasters have happened and the tourism and medical tourism industries have recovered, or at least say they have. They may have experienced a short-term recovery but tucked away in the mind of the international consumer is the “shorthand memory” e.g. Mexican border equals drug violence, Iran and Iraq equals war. You can shout at me as much as you want with loud denials that for country X this simply is not true as it is all in the past. But it is not me you have to convince; it is the public, who are not as credulous as some medical tourism advertising thinks. … Read More

via International Medical Travel Journal